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Sass Jewelry History

Sass Jewelry has been in business as a local full service retail jewelry store for over 60 years in Kellogg ,Idaho. We work very hard to provide fast friendly sales and service to the people in our community. We have provided our customers with an extensive retail jewelry selection including mens and ladies diamond jewelry, Black Hill gold jewelry, birthstone jewelry, Pulsar watches, religious medal jewelry, and other jewelry selections. We have provided service at our store premises on all the jewelry we sell and most jewelry that needs repaired bought elsewhere. We also manufacture custom jewelry at our 302 so. main street Sass Jewelry address. We also repair mechanical and quartz watches. We are able to repair old antique and new clocks. We have earned a reputation for honesty and fairness among our local customers which we are very proud of. We thank the people of the Silver Valley for your trust. We extend this same service to all our wax pattern customers with fast freindly service and shipping of orders.

Where Is Kellogg,Idaho ????

Aurus Wax Pattern History

In 1991 we got intrested in a larger national and international market. We purchased Au-Rus Explosion Wax Pattern company which was located in the Seattle Washington area. We renamed it Au-Rus Wax Patterns to get rid of the word explosion in our name. We actually had an FBI Agent call us to know what was in our package that we had shipped to a customer that they had under servailance because of the word explosion in our name. The previous owner Ruth McAllister had used the word explosion to relate her company name to the Mt. Saint Hellens erruption. We decided under current world conditions we would eliminate any suspision of what we are shipping with a name change to Au-Rus Wax Patterns.

We mail our own line of jewelry wax patterns nationaly in the United States and internationaly to retail jewelry stores who manufacture instore, jewelry manufacturing companies and individual artists. Our wax pattern line numbers over 5900 that are cataloged in a 184 page bound book which is available for $15.00 which includes the shipping and handling fee and shows 5500 wax patterns. An additional 600 wax patterns are only available at our website under the link New Wax Patterns. These patterns are a combination of all 3000 wax patterns from the original Au-rus Explosion wax pattern company which was headquartered in Seattle Washington area. We added 2900 patterns from molds we purchased from a jewelry manufacturing company in New York City in 1992. Now in 2007 to 2009 we are just comleting a total update of all our website with all new clearer images.

The new york molds as we call them are a 50+ year collection of jewelry made for the New York City and Houston, Texas high end jewelry markets by highly skilled artisans. Some of the molds were made in Italy over 50 years ago and were brought to the United States as the family imigrated here. There are some very well done and very fancy jewelry pieces which would be very expensive to have a jewelry wax carver custom manufacture them from scratch. As a jewelry wax pattern company we can offer these very fancy jewelry wax patterns for a very attractive price.

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Our Home Page

With this webpage on the internet we are providing finished ready to cast wax patterns to the national and international market. Order from the wax patterns on our website pages. These selections represent the extensive variaty we have available from our wax pattern catologue and 8000 jewelry molds that we have on the premises which we have not published in the catalogue. We are currently adding to the selection regularly so that we can show the vast variety of our inventory and aid your imagination as you look for new ideas to sell to your special customers. Please check back often so you won't miss these items as the become available. Feel free to print the pages and start your own catalogue. Once we put a jewelry piece on this web page it will still be available even if the pages are changed in future updates.

Our Goal

Our goal is to provide quality wax patterns at a very attractive price. Our price for each wax pattern is based on the total number of wax patterns in your whole order. Larger quantity orders recieve discounts. You will pay for the wax patteren not all the hours of a high priced jewelry wax carver. The finished jewelry will be the same quality because the original pattern was made by a jewelry carver and we have the mold that was made from the original pattern.

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