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Au-Rus Wax Pattern Company INFORMATION and POLICIES



You are able to order our wax patterns using several methods of communication. We are located in the town of Kellogg, Idaho in the United States of America. Our local retail business name is Sass Jewelry. Orders may be mailed to us at our local address below.

Both addresses will work for mailed items

Au-Rus Wax Patterns--- 302 S. Main Street---Kellogg, Idaho 83837

Sass Jewelry--302 So. Main Street -- Kellogg, Idaho 83837

Our business hours are 9:00 am. to 5:00 pm. (Pacific Time Zone) Monday through Friday.

Orders may be submitted by phone, fax or internet. See our CONTACT PAGEand ourE-Mail order form.

Payment Terms

Payment for each order must be arranged at the time of order submission. Orders can be Prepaid, C.O.D., Mastercard or Visa. We also accept personal checks and Company checks. Shipment on orders for first time customers will be delayed for check clearance.


We guarentee all of our wax patterns against breakage during shipment and will replace any damaged patterns immediatly. We also guarantee all patterns do to poor quality or production defects. We will replace all such patterns. We offer no cash refunds.

Moldmaking Service

We do make molds upon request. We make our molds using RTV Silicon mold rubber.We do not offer vulcanized molds. We offer production style RTV molds using your master sent to us. We prefer RTV molds over vulcanized molds because wax patterns release much earier and without a release agent. They last a long time and are more flexable and are much easier to cut.

If you wish to have a design duplicated, send us the master. Each wax pattern will be a duplicate of your master. It is important that the master be as free of defects and imperfections as possible. All dents, scratches,flashes,voids or any other imperfections will be duplicated in the mold. Any preparation of your master that we need to do to get it ready for moldmaking will be charged on top of the moldmaking charge at a rate of $25.00 per hour.

RTV mold rubber is a cold cure product and requires no high heat to cure it. Your master can be made of metal but does not need to be. Wax, wood, plastic will also work as a master. The master may be damaged or broken in the cutting process. This damage may not be avoidable for wax, wood or plastic masters. Your mold will be sent to you as per your request. We can test it and send you a working mold or you can do the working and testing yourself. If you request we will send wax patterns to you with the mold at our regular wax pattern prices or you may leave the mold with us for future wax pattern production for you in the future. We will reserve it for your use only.

Prices for Moldmaking

These prices include making the mold, cutting it and working it until it will produce wax patterns for casting. All other work will be by estimate first.

Charms and small flat design pendants.......................$25.00

Rings and larger pendants...................................$30.00--$40.00

Braclets and medium belt buckles............................$35.00--$60.00

These prices are based on average sized items. More difficult, larger, intricate and complicated molds will be priced by estimate after seeing them.

Computing metal amounts for casting

Wax weights for our wax patterns are in grams. There are 31.1 grams in a Troy ounce. An approximate amount of metal for a cast may be figured by using the wax weight indicated in Grams times the factor for the intended metal for the cast.

.....x 10.5 for sterling silver.

.....x 11 for 10kt. gold

.....x 13 for 14kt. gold

.....x 15 for 18kt. gold


Au-Rus Wax Patterns / Sass Jewelry / 302 Main st. / Kellogg,Id. 83837 - USA