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Our wax pattern company was named Au-Rus Explosion Wax Patterns. We renamed it Au-Rus Wax Patterns because of some shipping misunderstandings from the word explosion being part of our company name. We inject our own wax patterns for the jewelry trade. This is not a same catalogue different name operation. The new wax pattern catalogue has 241 pages of all kinds of jewelry wax patterns including rings , pendants , charms , earrings , brooches , belt buckels and many more. Over 6000 wax patterns are shown in the new catalog and on this website and are ready to ship. It also contains designer wax patterns that allow you the caster to decide what it will be. The beauty of wax patterns is that in a few minutes you can create what would take hours to carve from scratch. The paper catalog has recently been reprinted and updated. If you have the old version of the catalog you can still order from it, all patterns are still available. Some typographical errors have been corrected in the online version and in the new catalog. Please check your order against the online version as it is the most current.

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This is the Cover of our Au-Rus Explosion Wax Pattern Paper Catalog which is out of print.

If You Have One All Wax Patterns shown in it are available to order.

New Wax Pattern CoverClick Image To See Lg Image of The New Wax Pattern Catalog

Put a Copy FREE From the internet on Your Computer.

The paper Copy with word Explosion on the cover is out of Print. We have a new updatedcatalog available.



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